5 idées de sorties à St. Julian

Any language course in St. Julian Malta is the perfect opportunity to explore the vibrant life of this beautiful Maltese city.

Admittedly, St Julian could easily be nicknamed the “city that never sleeps.” Early morning, hundreds of students meet at sidewalk cafes to relax before going to class.

In the afternoon, after your English courses in St Julians in Malta, go enjoy local specialties in one of the many restaurants that line the coast. Wondering what your language course in St. Julian Malta offers as a surprise? Here are 5 ideas for outings in St Julian that should inspire you.

Shopping at Baystreet shopping center
After your English courses in St Julians in Malta, treat yourself to a 100% when shopping at the Baystreet shopping center and in the surrounding district. You will find many shops and a ton of small stalls to eat for cheap. The people of St Julian are mostly passionate mode, so you will discover here several major international brands of ready-to-wear. No miracle so far, Malta may well be cheaper than many tourist destinations, the prices are similar to those prevailing in the rest of Europe.

Immerse yourself in a frenzied nightlife

Your language course in St. Julian in Malta you will discover a dynamic city day and night. Paceville, the busiest area of ​​the whole city, houses a barely credible number of clubs and bars. The streets are crowded and the music sounds to the outside of the neighborhood. Dance enthusiasts, music and casinos will be filled!

Eating fish by the sea
If you like fish dishes, your language course in St. Julian Malta will be a real moment of culinary discoveries. This pretty fishing village is a paradise of fresh fish and seafood. The coast is also lined with many restaurants that can taste culinary delights, while watching the sunset over the Mediterranean. The lampuk is the most popular dish here, it is found all the sauces cooked all over the city.

Strolling Spinola Bay
Your English courses in St Julians in Malta leave you enough time to make new acquaintances and friends discover the most beautiful corners of the city. Spinola Bay and its many fishing boats used to immerse themselves completely in the local newspaper. The port is also the perfect starting point from which to stroll through the gardens and the palace of St Julian.

Rent a boat and discover the beauty of the Maltese coast
from St Julian’s, it is possible to rent a boat by the hour or by the day. Enjoy your summer school in St. Julian Malta to escape to the Mediterranean the time of a nature getaway. Walk along the coast of the island, stay away off and stop as you want to cool off in the turquoise and crystal clear water.

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